EQMS Supplier Manager manages the assessment and review of your supply chain. It ensures only approved suppliers are used to continuously improve the quality of your own products and services.

EQMS Supplier Manager provides real-time access to your approved supplier list and stores important information: comprehensive contact information, warranties, service level agreements, performance, issues and problems.

EQMS Supplier Manager generates dashboards and reporting that identify issues and provide instantly available statistics that improve your purchasing decisions and supply chain strategy.

EQMS Supplier Manager eliminates systemic problems by providing visibility and transparency of your supplier relationships. It ensures that supplier selection is based on evidence of performance. 


  1. Continuously improve the quality of your products and services - Use the best suppliers, identifying and removing weaker performers and replacing them with better. 
  2. Save time money and resource - management information means supplier status and tracking is visible right across the organisation. 
  3. Streamlined workflow – ensure supplier issues are dealt with in a closed-loop process to eliminate recurring problems
  4. Drive supplier performance and compliance – identify non-conformance, track corrective action and  score performance based on evidence
  5. Pro-active management – improve the trust and confidence of customers, staff and other stakeholders to maintain your reputation and deliver competitive advantage
Features & Benefits
Supplier Records

EQMS simplifies and standardises the capture of Supplier data, improving the consistency and accuracy of information, to improve purchasing decisions and assure supply chain compliance.

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Assessment and Review

EQMS involves all the stakeholders in the appointment of suppliers and brings them all together in an integrated and transparent process that streamlines your onboarding process

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Problem Resolution

EQMS workflows all actions to address supplier problems and non-conformances and identify root cause. It enforces the recording of necessary evidencefor each type of supplier problem and escalates serious issues

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Performance Rating

EQMS monitors performance against service level agreements, product returns and variance and external standards and regulations 

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Dynamic Reporting and Metrics

EQMS provides a range of standard reports with selection criteria providing users with 1,000s of reporting options.  Dashboard views deliver real-time metrics that track performance against business targets and key performance indicators.

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Technical Flexibility

EQMS Supplier Manager integrates seamlessly with all the other applications that comprised the EQMS GRC suite.  Deploy EQMS Supplier Manager on your in-house IT infrastructure or access your EQMS system via a fully-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) option.  Access your system from your PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

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Complete Supplier Relationship Management
Everything you need to know about your suppliers, all in one place. The EQMS Supplier Manager allows you to easily manage supplier performance and measure risk.
Supplier Management
EQMS Supplier Manager helps organisations ensure their supply chain operates consistently with the compliance requirements of all mandatory standards and regulations
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