EQMS CAPA Manager provides automation and collaboration that addresses CAPAs to address any type of business problem

EQMS CAPA Manager provides real-time access to a comprehensive database of accurate and consistent data and manages CAPA activity to conclusion

EQMS CAPA Manager generates dashboards and reporting that identify trends and provide instantly available statistics that improve your decision making and support change initiatives.

EQMS CAPA Manager eliminates systemic problems by empowering your entire organisation and providing visibility and transparency. It ensures that CAPA activity is systematic, timely and comprehensive


  1. CAPAs are easily recorded – data capture is straightforward, consistent and accurate, supporting rapid review and action.
  2. Management information – CAPA status and tracking is visible right across the organisation.
  3. Powerful workflow – ensure all CAPAs are dealt with in a closed-loop process that eliminates recurring problems
  4. Automate compliance – implement consistent processes that prompt necessary evidence/information collection
  5. Business improvement –reduce the costs, delays and risk associated with CAPA activity
  6. Pro-active management –improve the trust and confidence of customers, staff and other stakeholders to maintain your reputation and deliver competitive advantage


Features & Benefits
CAPA Records

EQMS simplifies and standardises the capture of problem and issue data, improving the consistency and accuracy of information, to improve the success of CAPA and support regulatory compliance.

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CAPA Responsibility

EQMS identifies all the stakeholders involved in CAPAs and brings them all together in an integrated and transparent process that clarifies responsibility and reports performance.

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Resolution Workflow

EQMS workflows all responses and actions comprised in your CAPA processes and addresses root cause. It enforces the recording of necessary evidenceto progress each CAPA

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Integrated Compliance

EQMS drives compliance with local/regional standards and regulations 

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Dynamic Reporting and Metrics

EQMS provides a range of standard reports with selection criteria providing users with 1,000s of reporting options.  Dashboard views deliver real-time metrics that track performance against business targets and key performance indicators.

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Technical Flexibility

EQMS CAPA Manager integrates seamlessly with all the other applications that comprised the EQMS GRC suite.  Deploy EQMS CAPA Manager on your in-house IT infrastructure or access your EQMS system via a fully-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) option.  Access your system from your PC, laptop, tablet or phone.


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