EQMS Training Records Manager provides you complete control over all training activity carried out in your company.  You know who needs training, what training is required and when training takes place. 

You manage all types of training – Induction, Safety, HR, Technical, IT, Internal, External – in a single system.

EQMS Training Records Manager pinpoints the development requirements of your employees and aligns these with corporate goals supporting staff engagement and satisfaction.

It underpins compliance with regulation, business standards and contractual obligations. It ensures that your team is qualified to carry out their work and that mandatory retraining is undertaken whenever required.

EQMS Training Records Manager verifies completion of training and stores course information, certificates and confirmation of attendance. 


  1. Information is easy to find – search training records by training type, course, trainee, role and staff group. Drill into individual trainee course records.
  2. Built-in compliance – plug training gaps, ensure staff have the appropriate competencies and schedule recurring training requirements.
  3. Security- control the view and update capability by individual user or group of users; assign training to individuals, roles or group
  4. Track performance – track attendance, course feedback, trainer evaluation and training costs.
  5. Cut administration costs – reduce the effort required to manage training and training records. Automatically generate the compliance metrics and eliminate the manual preparation and collation of data.
Features & Benefits
Training Record

EQMS retains a comprehensive record of all training undertaken by each individual employee storing dates, course titles, locations, trainers and training organisations, trainee evaluation cost, certificates and any course materials

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Training Courses

EQMS allows you to classify the type of training and store the approved courses available from approved internal and external training providers.

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Training Providers

EQMS stores approved training organisations, approved trainers and a record of courses delivered, costs and performance over time

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Integrated Compliance

EQMS messages trainers and trainees to ensure courses are delivered, attended and completed. It prompts the recording of necessary evidence(certificates etc) and notifies training managers of gaps in mandated training

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Dynamic Reporting and Metrics

EQMS provides a range of standard reports with selection criteria providing users with 1,000s of reporting options.  Dashboard views deliver real-time metrics that track performance against business targets and key performance indicators.

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Technical Flexibility

EQMS Training Manager integrates seamlessly with all the other applications that comprised the EQMS GRC suite.  Deploy EQMS Training Manager on your in-house IT infrastructure or access your EQMS system via a fully hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) option. 

Access your system from your PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

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Managing Training: No more enormous spreadsheets!
Pinpoint the development requirements of your employees and align them with your corporate goals. Underpin compliance with regulation, business standards and contractual obligations and ensure your team is qualified to carry out their work.
Robert Oakley, Director, Qualsys
Training Management Standards and Regulation
EQMS Training Manager helps organisations address the mandatory training requirements specified by a range of standards and regulation
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