EQMS Equipment Manager maintains comprehensive records for any type of business equipment - plant, machinery, tools, gauges, instruments, vehicles, furniture and technology. 

EQMS Equipment Manager guarantees you don’t lose track of who is using equipment or where it is located. It prompts essential maintenance and checks, minimising costs and ensuring you don’t put customers and employees at risk.
EQMS Equipment Manager enables your company to maintain and distribute comprehensive equipment records, manage maintenance, calibration and safety checks and optimise the use of company assets. 

Available as an ‘add on’ to the core GRC EQMS modules


  1. Equipment can be rapidly located, replaced or repaired – eliminate loss and storage of unwanted items. 

  2. Equipment is more effectively utilised – staff has access to the assets they need when they are needed. 

  3. Equipment works properly – equipment is regularly maintained and serviced. 

  4. Equipment is safe – regular safety checks ensure compliance with health and safety and other mandatory regulations and standards. 

  5. Equipment has a higher return on investment – you get the best out of your assets. 

  6. Equipment data is easily accessed by appropriate personnel - deliver authorised asset information to appropriate groups of users; employees, management, suppliers and customers. 

  7. Your organisation is in control of its assets – with true value reflected in your balance sheet

Features & Benefits
Asset Register

EQMS Equipment Manager records as much or as little information about individual equipment items as you require.


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Inspection Records

EQMS Equipment Manager stores all calibration and safety check information for all items of equipment.

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Equipment Bookings

EQMS Equipment Manager incorporates a booking facility to optimise the use of every business asset.

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Secure Access

EQMS manages secure access to asset information by authorised users. Users see only accurate, current equipment records.

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Dynamic Reporting and Metrics

EQMS provides a range of standard reports with selection criteria providing users with 1,000s of reporting options.  Dashboard views deliver real-time metrics that track performance against business targets and key performance indicators.

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Flexible Workflow with Email

EQMS integrates with email to deliver action messages, notifications and reminders that improves the speed and efficiency of equipment calibration and safety checking

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What our customers say...
"EQMS is an essential tool in delivering and evidencing our compliance framework.

I look forward to the planned developments which should further embed EQMS as a cornerstone of our systems."

Mark Davy, Quality Manager, Leeds Teaching Hospital

Some of our customers
University of Leeds
Financial Times
BAE Systems
Hybrid Air Vehicles
Thomas Miller
Aberdein Considine
Liverpool Direct
Lowri Beck
Monosol - Quality Context
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