Get started with EQMS Smart Start

When you invest in a new business management system you want it up and running quickly, delivering immediate cost benefits and business improvements.

To ensure this is the case, when you choose EQMS you also get access to our expert support team.

We're here to help you every step of the way, from the deployment of a fully operational system to advising on working practices that deliver you a real competitive advantage.

With our wealth of experience across a range of industries, we’re also perfectly placed to direct you on implementation strategy. 

Our Smart Start® team includes Quality Managers, Compliance Professionals and Technical Analysts who follow a simple, proven process to create your ‘fit for purpose’ Electronic Quality Management System (EQMS).

EQMS Smart Start

Here are the different ways we can help you get the most from EQMS by making it a key part of your everyday business:

1. Strategy & Planning

2. System installation or SaaS hosting set up

3. Training & Support

4. EQMS Roll Out to end-users

1. Strategy & Planning 

In Phase 1, the Strategy and Planning workshop, we will work closely with your team to configure and build your EQMS System to the exact requirements of your organisation. Using our expertise in many complex regulatory environments, we can recommend best-practice build options and configuration settings. 

Your dedicated EQMS Project Manager will manage the entire process; they will produce a comprehensive Work Breakdown document outlining key activities from inception through to product release and beyond.

Learn more about Strategy and Planning Support

1a Additional Project Management and Consulting

We provide a range of services that enable you to establish fully working business systems, and we then continue to support you moving forward. These services include system design, process design, project management, content production and content loading, all of which we’re happy to offer our expertise with.
Our expert consultants have vast expertise in the following areas:
  • Process design and process mapping
  • Quality management 
  • IT management and infrastructures
  • Process automation
  • Intranet services
  • Information distribution
  • A wide range of development environments
  • Rolling out EQMS locally, nationally or internationally across your business

The case for document manager

Download Free Whitepaper: The Case for Document Manager



2. ISO 27001 Secure Hosting & On-premise Installation Options

Whether you choose to host EQMS on your existing infrastructure or look to us for hosting support, we’ll talk you through all the options available to help you get the very most from your EQMS system.

Read more about our hosting support



3. Training & support

We provide a comprehensive range of training courses to support EQMS. These sessions are highly interactive and can be adapted to best meet the needs of those being trained.


4. Rolling out EQMS to your Users

We provide a comprehensive range of training courses to support EQMS. These sessions are highly interactive and can be adapted to best meet the needs of those being trained.

Keith Bywood, Qualsys' Process Support Manager said:
"Introducing a new software system is a challenge for any organisation. Not only must you manage an implementation project with timescales, budgets and resources but you also need to configure the solution to address your business and compliance needs.
"This is where our highly trained support team can help. Its unrivalled support of the EQMS software package ensures your organisation receives a fully rounded compliance management solution.
"We’ll work with you to plan, design, build and optimise your system to best meet your needs. And by employing our own software and other web-based tools, we take away the strain that can arise with managing business critical IT systems."

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