Case Study: MonoSol LLC


Based in Merrillville, Indiana, MonoSol are a world leader in the manufacturing of water soluble polymer films, compounds, and solutions.

Their MonoDose films are used to create water-soluble delivery systems for everyday items such as the liquid detergents and dishwasher tablets available in most supermarkets.


Moving from a client-server document management system (DMS); MonoSol required a web-based integrated Quality Management Software solution that could support the changing needs of their growing organisation.

The EQMS software needs to be functionally rich, providing not just Document Management, but Audit, CAPA and other Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) functions.  

After a comprehensive market-scanning process, Qualsys’ EQMS became Monosol’s first-choice GRC solution.

Michael Ord

“We are truly delighted that Monosol chose to partner with Qualsys to use EQMS throughout the business” says Michael Ord, Qualsys’ Business Development Manager.

“I'd like to thank both the MonoSol and Qualsys Project Teams; who have worked quickly and efficiently to implement various EQMS GRC software modules.

With manufacturing operations in 2 locations in the US and 1 in the UK, MonoSol's EQMS users require various methods of training and support. Being transparent and true collaborators allows us to successfully bridge the Atlantic divide.

We're looking forward to growing our business relationship in years to come.”


MonoSol Case Study: Implementing EQMS

Aaron Schmick, Quality Systems Manager

Aaron Schmick, Quality Systems Manager at MonoSol was kind enough to answer the questions below:

1. About Monosol and the nature of your work and customers

Since 1953, MonoSol has been dedicated to manufacturing water soluble polymer films, compounds, and solutions. MonoSol provides an environment for growth for employees, service providers, partners and our customers. We believe in best practices supported through training and re-investment in technology, people and infrastructure.

Monosoll Awards


MonoSol products are handled by people all over the world every day, from the detergent you put in your dishwasher to the hospital laundry room. From protecting our brave men and women on the battlefield to prosthetic limbs, our products are there. We make world-class quality products that are beneficial for mankind while also being safe for the environment.


2. What do you see as the future trends or challenges in Quality Management?

Managing and implementing upcoming updates to ISO standards throughout a growing organisation.

3. How do you plan to use EQMS within Monosol?

The Document Control Module is being launched to replace an older system.  The EQMS system will be rolled out to the entire company and is being embraced by multiple layers of personnel.  Other modules such as the CAPA manager will centralise a place for multiple departments to work through different critical improvement activities.

4. Why did you choose EQMS?

The initial presentation showing how all the modules are tied together and work in harmony was very appealing. 

The user interface is user-friendly which was attractive to us because of our plan to roll many aspects of the program out to multiple levels in the organisation.  The initial show of client support by Qualsys was also an appealing feature that helped us decide to move forward with EQMS.

5. Can you share your experiences of working with Qualsys?

Since first contact, the team at Qualsys has been extremely responsive and flexible to meet our needs.  Even while working with the Atlantic separating us the support has been great.

6. What benefits do you anticipate EQMS will provide?

EQMS is going to centralise many aspects of the business.  EQMS is going to help us become more efficient and provide multiple layers of the organisation a more collaborative platform.

7. What savings and efficiencies do you think EQMS will help you achieve? What return on investment are you targeting?

Customer satisfaction will be impacted with much faster reactions to any potential concerns.   Internal customers will be tied together for more efficient closure to open items, and we will show large savings on paper with the use of the digital signatures.

8.  What opportunities do you foresee in the future for Monosol using EQMS?

One of the largest opportunities is the ability to get multiple layers of the organisation communicating in a centralised place, accomplishing goals more quickly and efficiently.

9. Would you recommend Qualsys? If so, why?

Yes, based on the experience thus far the program is superior to others we have seen and experienced.  Additionally, the customer support and training have been very useful and timely.


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