Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Software

Ready to transform the role of quality in your organisation?

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Global leaders such as Diageo, Sodexo and BT, as well as hundreds of SMEs trust in EQMS to plan, manage and demonstrate governance, risk and compliance. 

About EQMS

Integrated GRC software solutions by Qualsys that tranform the role of quality and compliance 

EQMS consolidates and integrates governance, risk management and compliance initiatives across your organisation with a single solution.

Aligning sound governance with business performance, EQMS eliminates inconsistencies, improves communication and enhances the visibility of GRC activity.

Activity is mapped to overall performance indicators to provide an integrated GRC management platform. 
Choose from a range of powerful modules to tailor your GRC solution to your organisational needs. EQMS tools manage your policies, audit programme, risk assessments, incidents, accidents, business issues and more. Real time analytics and dashboards provide erterprise-wide information on the status of GRC processes. 
An integrated approach to GRC is critical to: 
  • Demonstrate compliance to industry Standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 31000, ISO 13485, ISO 27001, ISO / TS 16949, OHSAS 18001 and Regulations such as FDA, BRC and CLIA.
  • Underpin governance with consistent policies, controlled collaboration and comprehensive record-keeping.
  • Reduce the likelihood and impact of risk with metrics that provide advance warning.
  • Control and evidence compliance with approved business processes.
  • Reduce governance and compliance costs.
  • Avoid penalties and fines.
  • Limit damage to brand reputation.
  • Improve performance.
Businesses worldwide use EQMS to manage governance, risk, regulatory and contractual compliance.
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Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions
Enterprise Quality Management Software
The Qualsys GRC solutions are inter-operable modules that work with your existing infrastructure to solve every piece of the governance, risk and compliance puzzle. Built with 18 years development integrity, to best practice standards, EQMS offers unprecedented security and control allied with flexibility and usability.
A powerful document and compliance management tool designed to deliver unshakeable control over regulated information. It delivers the right information to the right people at the right time. MORE
Plan, schedule and manage audits. Track issues through to resolution. Analyse responses to spot trends, eliminate problems at source and drive continuous improvement. MORE
Constructs a risk framework to help assess, define and manage organisational risk in an effective and integrated manner. MORE
Governance, Risk and Compliance Business Processes
Powerful quality and compliance functionality to add to your 'core' EQMS modules
EQMS Add ons are available as an ‘add on’ to the core GRC products; Document Manager, Audit Manager and Risk Manager. They provide easy to use 'business process' automation backed up with the integrity, permissions and workflows of the core modules.
Pinpoint the skill development requirements of the individual and organisation and ensure alignment with corporate goals. MORE
Maintain and distribute comprehensive equipment records, manage maintenance, calibration and safety checks and optimise the use of company assets. MORE
Identify, evaluate, investigate and manage Issues. Use automated workflow to create remediation, preventative or corrective action plans. MORE
Manages each stage of the SRM process, from vendor registration, to assessment, implementation of corrective / preventive actions through to measuring outcomes. MORE
CAPA Manager allows issues to be investigated, the root cause identified, and corrective and preventive actions planned and implemented, using best practice workflow. MORE
Easily resolve problems quickly, reducing their impact and eliminating recurrence. Automate reporting requirements. MORE
An integrated platform for managing strategic and operational risk, improving business critical decision making, and driving continuous improvement in your organisation. MORE
Delivers access to controlled documents in a corporate SharePoint solution. MORE
EQMS Everywhere - access EQMS functionality from Android, iPhone iPad and more MORE
Provide EQMS functionality directly within the Microsoft Office suite. Your staff can continue to use their preferred tools whilst EQMS delivers all necessary compliance controls in the background. MORE
Change Management
Enterprise Change Management Software (ECMS)
Revenue leakage is a critical issue for many corporates and outsourced service providers. ECMS Revenue Assurance suite is comprehensive business process automation and financial management tool which maximises revenue opportunities and ‘revolutionises financial forecasting’
Standardise procedures, reduce wastage and increase effiency MORE
Compliance by Sector
EQMS is a highly flexible and intuitive governance, risk and compliance management tool. Here you will learn how EQMS can be configured to meet the needs of your specific industry sector.
Everything you need to evidence SRA compliance, Qualsys provides a 3 stage service to remove the burden of OFR MORE
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